To offer softwares that help technical teams to respond quickly and efficiently to the main quality challenges on the maufacturing processes

We make what is hard, complex and slow in relation to data analysis and defects prediction into something simple, quick and efficient.

We were born oriented to offer softwares that carry, in their core, the constant worry of increasing the technical team's productivity. We transform the way people access their controls and interact with their data, so that they can discover, quickly and at any time, new improvement opportunities.

We are Kaitronn Consulting. Thinking about tomorrow, we make the best present!

Data that are not being accessed and transformed in information have no meaning. And, for us, values that can be summarized in loose words and without practical translation also become only empty entries.

We believe in values that are capable of affecting in others' attitudes and personal behaviour. That meaning:

We burn millions of neurons every year to find, implement and improve ways to put ourselves into other people's shoes. We aim to learn from our collaborators, partners, suppliers and clients, so that we can understand and respect our differences and evolve our competences
We are eternally gratefull when a client's problem also becomes a problem of our own, as this is the best oportunity to put our purpose in practice
We have an enormous commitment with delivering what we promissed and, therefore, are not finished until our clients achive, at least, the expected results.
We wake up everyday worried about how to make our company even better so that our collaborators, partners and clients can also wake up everyday choosing to continue to work with us and give us the satisfaction of being part of their dreams.
In the end, that is all that matters!
Nothing like feeling on your own skin, for years the problems by which, one day, we decided to create a solution for. And that's how it all started...

Kaitronn Consulting was founded in 2005 with the purpose of helping the foundries being more efficient in their ColdBox core making processes . We strived for 4 years to offer the best training and technicall consulting solutions for renowed clients such as Ford Motors, Nemak, Tupy, Teksid, Weg and many others.
However, with the international crisis of 2009, alongside Ventistamp Metallurgy's necessity of increasing the efficiency of their controls, that the ideia of developing a Process Variable Managment solution was born. And it was at that moment, that we deicided to start the development of the KAITRONN-IP software.

After the major changes on the manufacturing market, resulting from the advent of the 4.0 Industry, we decided to search for a company that offered non-quality cost reduction Artificial Intelligence technology in order to become their representative in Brazil . In early 2018, we met DataProphet and, after 6 months of negotiation, we became their partner in Brazil so that we could offer Machine Learning solutions to the manufacturing market.


Today, we are reference in solutions that reduce non-quality costs and increase the productivity of technical teams. And for that reason we work every day, determined to achieve a single result: to be recognized by the manufacturing market as the best plataform for process variable management and Artificial Intelligence for defect and quality failure predicting, and also for process parameters optimization.